The Blood of Christ

I’m reading through Blood Work by Anthony Carter.  I’m very impressed with this book – it is clear, biblical, concise, and very edifying.  It would be a good read for Christians who are still learning the basics about the atonement; it would also be a great book for a book club.  Actually, this is a good one for all Christians, since we always need to hear about the precious blood of Christ and what it means for sinners.  Here are a few of my favorite quotes.

“The Bible says that Christ has paid the price for us. He bought us; therefore, He owns us. Furthermore, He did not purchase His people on credit; He paid in full. We are His” (Kindle Locations 397-398).

“He has purchased us by His blood. He will not return or exchange what He has bought” (Kindle Location 426).

“We have often heard it said, ‘The one who serves as his own attorney has a fool for a client.’ If this is true in our courts, how much more true is it in the courts of heaven? Self-defense may be plausible when we are standing before human judges. It is self-destructive when we stand before God” (Kindle Locations 633-635).

“…When the Bible speaks of election, it is not talking about the choice of presidents, mayors, or city council members. Biblical election is the sovereign act of God in choosing sinners to be saints. By comparison, human election is conditional—we elect those we like, who hold our values. God’s election is unconditional— before anyone is able to do good or bad, God chooses those upon whom He determines to show His saving love” (Rom. 9:11–13) (Kindle Locations 723-726).

At the time of this posting Blood Work is free on Kindle – or you can get a hard copy of it as well.  Highly recommended!

rev shane lems
covenant presbyterian church (OPC)
hammond, wi


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  1. Jon Reed says:

    It is an amazing book, a modern work that I would list as a must read. Its one of the few books written past the year 1900 that I would place in that category. Thanks for your blog, I truly enjoy it.


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