A Move to the OPC

The Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms (OPC)  Just wanted to let our readers know that I (Shane) recently received and accepted a call to pastor Covenant Presbyterian Church (OPC) In Hammond, WI (about 40 miles East of St. Paul, MN).  In other words, my family and I moved from Sunnyside, WA – and the URC there – to Hammond, WI – to the OPC here.  I love and highly respect both denominations, but at this point in my pastoral life I’ve moved to the OPC for various reasons (thankfully not because of church problems or sin issues).  It’s OK to be a Dutch Presbyterian, right?

So if you are on the East side of St. Paul, or just over the border here in Wisconsin, please join us for worship and say hello (http://www.covenantopc.net/).  Or, visit Rev. K. Kuhfuss at our church plant/mission work in Eau Claire, WI (http://www.opc.org/church.html?church_id=403).   And, of course, if you would, please pray for the church I’m pastoring and the plant we are overseeing.

Now back to our regular programming…

rev shane lems

hammond, wi

5 thoughts on “A Move to the OPC”

  1. Best wishes to you and your family, Pastor Lems. I’m here in Seattle and I wish I could have made it to Sunnyside to visit your church. RR has been a great resource and many people appreciate this website of yours.


  2. No way! That’s unbelievable! I’m from st.paul I just moved two years to go Reformation Bible College in Orlando so I’m goin to reformation opc there but whenever I’m home I go to mission opc there in Saint Paul. I have a lot, a lot of friends in both the Twin cities and Wisconsin who got really into the young restless reformed stuff but never moved much deeper, and especially never applied it to the church. Good to know I there is some churches I can recommend to them, hard to find anything Presbyterian churches in that area, you guys need to do a lot of work up there


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