Anne Bradstreet

Product Details Here’s a great book on the American Puritan poet, Anne Bradstreet, (that’s also the title of the book) by Heidi Nichols.  It is easy to read, not overly long, and it includes some samples of Bradstreet’s work.  Here are a few words from Bradstreet that are worth reading (these are found in the book).

“He that walks among briars and thorns will be very careful where he sets his foot.  And he that passes through the wilderness of this world, had need ponder all his steps.”

“God hath suitable comforts and supports for his children according to their several conditions if he will make his face to shine upon them: he makes them lie down in green pastures, and leads them besides the still waters; if they stick in deep mire and clay, and all his waves and billows go over their heads, he then leads them to the Rock which is higher than they.”

“Fire hath its force abated by water, not by wind; and anger must be allayed by cold words, and not by blustering threats.”

“Many can speak well, but few can do well.  We are better scholars in theory than the practice part, but he is a true Christian who is proficient in both.”

“A ship that bears much seal, and little or no ballast, is easily overset; and that man, whose head has great abilities and his heart little or no grace, is in danger of foundering.”

If you’re interested in this period of American history, or if you’re interested in learning more about this Puritan writer, I recommend this Nichols’ book, Anne Bradstreet.

rev shane lems