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“Can any…seeker – however dedicated, brilliant, virtuous, tireless, and however much a genius by human standards – hope to bridge the chasm [between the creature and the Creator]?”

“The answer, realistically, is no.  We cannot find God without God.  We cannot reach God without God.  We cannot satisfy God without God – which is another way of saying that our seeking will always fall short unless God’s grace initiates the search and unless God’s call draws us to him and completes the search.”

“If the chasm is to be bridged, God must bridge it.  If we are to desire the highest good, the highest good must come down and draw us so that it may become a reality we desire.  From this perspective there is no merit in either seeking or finding.  All is grace.  The secret of seeking is not in our human ascent to God, but in God’s descent to us.  We start out searching, but we end up being discovered.  We think we are looking for something; we realize we are found by Someone.  As in Francis Thompson’s famous picture, ‘the hound of heaven’ has tracked us down.  What brings us home is not our discovery of the way home but the call of the Father who has been waiting there for us all along, whose presence there makes home ‘home'” (p. 13-14).

Os Guinness, The Call, (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2003).

shane lems

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  1. Have you read the book The Old Testament Parallels by Matthews(?)? I was wondering if you have what you thought of it and what you think of parallels and parallelomania in general in the ANE like the ten commandments and the Egyptian book of dead, etc. and how one combats the notion that the OT borrowed from other sources.


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