Five Evangelical Protestant Ironies

Dining with the Devil: The Megachurch Movement Flirts with Modernity In his excellent book critiquing evangelicalism’s relationship to modernity (Dining with the Devil), Os Guinness lists five ironies about the condition of Protestant evangelicalism in America.  They are short, but sweet.  If you want the larger context, you’ll have to get the book – he explains these five points throughout the book in a most persuasive manner.

First, Protestants today need the most protesting and reforming.”

Second, evangelicals and fundamentalists have become the most worldly tradition in the church.”

Third, conservatives are becoming the most progressive.”

Fourth, Christians in many cases are the prime agents of their own secularization.”

Fifth, through its uncritical engagement with modernity, the church is becoming its own most effective gravedigger.”

Os Guinness, Dining with the Devil (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1993), 61-62.

rev shane lems

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