Young, Restless, Reformed: I Failed!

Product Details I just finished reading Kluck and Bartels’ humorous discussion of the YRR movement: Younger, Restlesser, Reformeder.  Though not nearly as funny as Shock and Awe by Celebrity Pastor, it is thick with satire (sort of like “Stuff White People Like”).  There wasn’t a quiz exactly in the book, but for our readers, I’ve drawn my answers to a hypothetical one – I figure a lighter read deserves a lighter blog post.  If you want, you can take the quiz while you read.  By the way, I failed the hypothetical quiz pretty badly.  I do hope our readers can somehow overlook my failure!

1) I don’t own an Odyssey or a passenger van with Reformed-ish stickers on the back window or bumper (i.e. TULIP or a family of fishes).  I drive a 2003 Buick Century, the most un-YRR car ever built (besides a Crown Victoria, of course).

2) I don’t have any shirts (or tattoos) with Reformed slogans or Latin phrases (but I have a five solas poster in my study, if that counts for something).

3) I haven’t read much by Tim Keller and have only listened to one of his sermons online (and I don’t try to look like him or Mark Driscoll).  Along these lines, I have only read three books by John Piper and have only listened to a few of his sermons.  I don’t read many YRR authors.  And Jonathan Edwards is not my homeboy (I’ve even been critical of him HERE).

4) I realize this one could get me banned from Reformed blog lists, but alas.  I don’t read the following blogs: Challies, DeYoung, Mohler, Ref21, or TGC (actually, I don’t read many blogs of any sort).  And before I read Kluck and Bartels’ book, I had never heard of Matt Chandler, Frank Turk, or Russell Moore.  Yes, I’m out of it!

5) I have never been to a large conference such as Desiring God, T4G, TGC, or any other mega-conference, so I don’t have conference lanyards hanging trophy-like in my study.

6) I don’t own an ESV study Bible, Crossway books are not overly numerous on my shelves, and I don’t have any books signed by YRR celebrities.  On my cynical days I think Christian book signings are funny.

7) I don’t have a smartphone with tons of Reformed apps and sermon mp3s on it.  In fact, I don’t even own a smartphone and I have only listened to 5 sermons/podcasts in the past year.  (Here’s a grievous double Reformed sin: I’m not a regular listener of the White Horse Inn.  And my Modern Reformation subscription ran out months ago.)

8) I rarely smoke cigars or pipe.  I don’t know very much about beer (except that it is expensive).  And I don’t think it’s cool when Calvinists cuss (see HERE).

Now, to be sure, I didn’t get a “0” on this quiz because I do blog (something most YRR guys do).  [But our blog’s title isn’t two cool Latin or Reformed words smashed together (like sola*blog*ogia), and I didn’t write about my wife’s beauty or “hotness” in my blog bio.]  Furthermore, I am young (if a birth date of 1978 can be considered young), and I do subscribe to the Three Forms of Unity, so I’m Reformed (though I didn’t know what TR meant until recently, so I’ve never used the term).

There you have it.  I failed the YRR quiz miserably.  I’m sorry!  But don’t worry, I love our YRR brothers and sisters and I’m glad if they read our blog (can I borrow a TGC conference lanyard and a Derek Webb shirt?).

By the way, if you want to find out if you’re YRR, you’ll have to get this book (which is .99 on Kindle): Younger, Restlesser, Reformeder.  If you like satire, it’s right up your Reformed alley (which, of course, has “sola” graffiti in it).

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6 Replies to “Young, Restless, Reformed: I Failed!”

  1. Sounds like we need to start a new movement then: Young, Resting (in the comfort of being) (United) Reformed. It’ll be for the guys who have Psalter Hymnals on their bookshelves, who drink (coffee?) out of Mid-America mugs, and whose “conference lanyard trophies” are from RYS conventions.

    Doesn’t that sound nice?



  2. Thank you for this post. I am old enough and have been a Christian long enough to have seen many Christian “fads”. I was a child of Pentecostalism when the hippy “Jesus movement” of the 70’s was in vogue. We swayed and cried to, “I Wish We’d All Been Ready”. Now that I’m a reformed Christian, I have seen these fads and trends you describe, and it saddens my heart. I’m grateful that the Kingdom of God advances despite ourselves.


  3. This was really funny. Thanks! Does this mean that Reformed Christians have an anti-fundamentalist pledge now? — “I’m Reformed dude, so I’m free to dance, drink, smoke, and chew, AND go with girls who do.” lol

    Seriously, “cool” and “hip” shouldn’t be any christians’ objective, nor should we be casual about personal holiness, using our liberty as an excuse for license.


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