Herman Witsius Erupts in Praise!

In studying for my sermon this evening which utilized Lord’s Day 5 of the Heidelberg Catechism (which discussed how we might escape God’s wrath by telling us of our need for a mediator who is truly man, truly righteous and true God), I came across this precious jewel by Herman Witsius in his monumental book The Economy of the Covenants Between God and Man.

Listen to him burst forth in praise upon contemplation of God’s wisdom and power in securing our redemption!

These are the tremendous mysteries of our religion, “which were kept secret since the world began, but are now made manifest, and by the scriptures of the Prophets, according to the commandment of the everlasting God, made known to all nations for the obedience of faith,” Rom. xvi.25, 26. From hence, the divinity of the Christian religion appears with evidence. What penetration of men or angels was capable of devising things so mysterious, so sublime, and so far surpassing the capacity of all created beings? How adorable do the wisdom and justice, the holiness, the truth, the goodness, and the philanthropy of God, display themselves in contriving, giving, and perfecting this means of our salvation? How calmly does conscience, overwhelmed with the burden of its sins, acquiesce in such a Surety, and in such a suretiship; when here at length, apprised of a method of reconciliation, both worthy of God, and safe for man? Who, on contemplating these things in the light of the Spirit, would not break out into the praises of the most holy, the most righteous, the most true, the most gracious, and the most high God? O! the depth of the wisdom and knowledge of God! O the height of mysteries, which angels desire to look into! Glory to the Father, who raises up, accepted, and gave us such a Surety! Glory to the Son, who clothing himself in human flesh, so willingly, so patiently, and so constantly performed such an engagement for us. Glory to the Holy Ghost, the revealer, the witness, and the earnest of so great happiness for us. All hail! O Christ Jesus, true and eternal God, and true and holy man, all in one, who retains the properties of both natures in the unity of thy person. Thee we acknowledge, thee we worship, to thee we betake ourselves, at thy feet we fall down, from they hand alone we look for salvation. Thou are the only Saviour; we desire to be thy peculiar property, we are so by thy grace, and shall remain such for ever. Let the whole world of thine elect, with us, know, acknowledge, and adore thee, and thus at length be saved by thee. This is the sum of our faith, and hope, and this the top of all our wishes. Amen.

Vol. 1, pgs. 201-202.

Oh that our theology might stir our souls like this always!

Andrew Compton
Christ Reformed Church
Anaheim, CA

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