An Introduction to Evolution by Jack London

Product Details When I was a teenager, I loved Jack London’s books The Call of the Wild and White Fang.  I recently read them again since I found they were free for Kindle readers.  I also searched for other free Jack London books on Kindle, and among others I found this London book: Before AdamSince it sounded interesting, and since “pre-Adam humanoids” have been discussed in Christian circles recently, I began to read it.  It is interesting to say the least!

Before Adam is a fictitious account of a man who has dreams of a pre-adamic existence.  The main character of the book has dreams that can only be explained by evolution – not by creationism or reincarnation.  He dreams of falling from trees, running from predators, constantly fearing for his life, and other such things.  London says these dreams are part of man’s genetic evolution; our ape-like ancestors had these actually experiences which is why we have these dreams today.  (As a side, I wonder if London felt degraded as he explained how his own ancestors were unintelligent ape-like beings who couldn’t even defend themselves or speak rational words.)

In this book you’ll read about lesser evolved fire people and even lesser evolved tree people.  You’ll read about pre-human speech, “love” (if one can call it that!), hatred (animal instinct?!), discovery (fire, boats, and containers to hold water), laughter (monkey chatter), and other things like these.  London’s imagination runs wild in this story.  To be honest, it is well written and not at all boring.  Also, if you’re a fan of White Fang and/or Call of the Wild, you’ll notice some definite Darwinist parallels in these three books.

Readers of the blog know that I am firmly against the theory of evolution (search for “Darwinism” and “Evolution” in the search box to read more).  I very strongly believe in the historical account of creation found in Genesis 1-3 which is echoed throughout the Bible.  I’m not pointing this book Before Adamout because I think the contents are true and accurate.  I’m mentioning it because it shows what naturalism and evolution are all about.  If you’re a Christian who knows a little about the theory of evolution, I’d recommend this book to learn more about it.

Furthermore, I’d recommend reading Before Adam in a critical way.  When you read, notice how London talks about ethics, language, discovery, survival of the fittest, feelings, “marriage,” society, and friendship in a “pre-adamic” setting.  After I read this book myself, I’m more convinced than ever that evolution does not make sense; it is illogical.  Darwinism cannot account for intelligence, love, the reality of evil, the reality of good, and the meaning of language itself (to mention just a few things).  If you’re a Christian interested in the topics of apologetics and creation, read Before Adamwith a pen and paper handy.  Write down your observations, compare them to Scripture, and thank God for the truth of Genesis 2:7.

shane lems

sunnyside wa