A Brief Summary of Micah

Minor Prophets, The: An Exegetical and Expository Commentary I found this short summary of the prophet Micah’s message helpful.  It was written by Bruce Waltke and can be found in The Minor Prophets, a commentary series that T. McComiskey edited (a series worth owning by the way).  Here Waltke discusses the three cycles of prophecy in Micah (ch 1-2, 3-5, 6-7).

“In the first cycle, Israel is threatened with exile on account of their sin (1:2-2:11).  The Lord, however, will gather his elect remnant into Jerusalem to survive the Assyrian siege and will become their King( 2:12-13).”

“In the second cycle, after threatening to dismantle Jerusalem for its failed leadership (3:1-12), the Lord promises to exalt Jerusalem high above the nations (4:1-5) and there reassemble the afflicted remnant, who will restore God’s dominion over the earth (4:6-8).  That prophecy finds fulfillment today in Jesus Christ who rules human hearts from heavenly Mount Zion (Acts 2:32-36; Heb. 12:22).  Moreover, while in Micah’s time, Israel with its failed leadership could not save itself from the invaders and exile in Babylon (4:9-14), God promised the birth and reign of Messiah who would regather the purged remnant and lead them to victory (5:1-14).  This too is fulfilled in Christ’s church (see 2 Cor. 2:14-16).”

“In the third cycle, from the spiritually depraved (6:1-16) and disintegrating nation (7:1-7), an elect remnant of the chosen people will be forgiven and saved by God (7:8-20).  That remnant now constitutes a part of Christ’s church (Rom. 11).  No matter how stained and tattered the world becomes, God’s purposes to triumph over Satan and his minions through his elect people will prevail (Rom. 16:20).

Bruce Waltke, in The Minor Prophets, p. 594-5.

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