A Readable Study of the Tabernacle (Ex. 25-40)

  Reformation Trust sent me a copy of this recently released monograph, God in Our Midst by Daniel Hyde, so I want to mention it here.  It is basically a devotional commentary on Exodus 25-40, the section of the Pentateuch that describes the OT tabernacle in much detail.  To be even more precise, the book is based on a series of sermons Hyde preached on this portion of Scripture.  God in Our Midst is just over 200 pages and includes a Scripture index, a topical index, and a brief appendix on preaching the Pentateuch.  (Unfortunately there are end notes rather than footnotes, but this publishing annoyance doesn’t detract from Hyde’s commentary at all.)

The contents of the book are quite straightforward: each chapter covers the different aspects of the tabernacle (and its construction).  For example, chapter three covers the ark of the covenant, chapter four is on the table and the bread, chapter five discusses the golden lamp stand, and so forth.  The chapters are divided into readable sections and are around 10 pages long.  This book would be a good one for a Bible study, personal study, and even a pastor’s shelf.

I appreciated the fact that Hyde explained and applied the truths of the tabernacle in a level-headed and biblical manner.  You won’t find any hyper redemptive historical interpretation here (which borders on allegory); he doesn’t talk about eschatological curtain loops.  At the same time, he doesn’t moralize the text into oblivion by saying we need to make our own tabernacles in our personal wildernesses.  His method is more historical (in line with the Reformation), biblical (using other Scripture), Christ-centered (he argues well that the tabernacle points us to Christ), and applicable (these truths are relevant for the Christian life).

I recommend this book; it is just what students of Scripture need to help them understand and apply this portion of the Bible which is too often overlooked because of its detail and supposed irrelevance. If you’re going to study Exodus, if you don’t know much about the tabernacle, or if you want to see how the tabernacle directs us to Christ and godly living in him, add God in Our Midst to your library.

shane lems

sunnyside wa

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