An Application of the Covenant of Grace

Product Details One reason I like Sacred Bond is because it gives the practical aspects of covenant theology.  For example, after discussing the covenant of grace, there are several different ways this doctrine is important for the Christian life.  Here is one “application” of the covenant of grace that is profoundly comforting for the Christian.

“[The covenant of grace] tells us that we are not under a covenant of works and therefore do not relate to God on the basis of our own law-keeping.  In the covenant of grace, God promises to accept us as righteous by virtue of the righteousness of his Son, the second Adam.  In other words, God’s covenant of grace draws attention to the doctrine of justification by faith alone.  Whereas the covenant of works (law) says, ‘Do this and you will live,’ the covenant of grace (gospel) says, ‘Christ did it for you.’  This allows us to go through life on the solid foundation that God receives us because of Christ.  There is no greater contributing factor to our joy and comfort as Christians than the reality that God accepts us in spite of the fact that we still struggle with sin and disobedience.  Knowing that God loves us on account of Christ protects us from the roller coaster of our own conscience and emotions.  With its emphasis on the person and work of Christ, the covenant of grace tells us that we are not under a covenant of works” (p. 69).

Michael Brown and Zachary Keele, Sacred Bond: Covenant Theology Explored (Grand Rapids: Reformed Fellowship, 2012).

shane lems