The Reformed Reader on Facebook

Hello readers,

This is just an administrative update.  A few months back we connected the blog to Twitter and have been able to make some new (internet) friends and connections via this tool.  Well, now we’ve tried to get some real internet “friends” (huh?!)  by tying this blog into Facebook.  You’ll notice the new widget on the right and if you have the chance, go ahead and check us out on Facebook.

I must confess that we’re both a bit technologically inept here, so we’ll probably have a few (read: tons) of bumps to iron out!  If you’ve got any suggestions, please drop us a note over on Facebook, or leave a comment below.



1 thought on “The Reformed Reader on Facebook”

  1. First question for the readers … I’ve pulled the “display faces” feature off the widget just so that people can “like” the page without worrying that their face will show up on our blog. Does this seem like a reasonable privacy precaution? I’d be interested to hear reasons why people might like these left up. Thanks!


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