Anthony Carter and Wilhelmus a Brakel

 I really liked this answer Anthony Carter, the author of On Being Black and Reformed, gave to the following question:

“If you could study under any theologian in church history…who would it be and why?”

Carter’s answer:

“…I would say that I would be most excited to study under Wilhelmus a Brakel (1635-1711).  Admittedly, most would not be familiar with a Brakel and his theological magnum opus The Christian’s Reasonable Service, but I have never been so moved by theological reflection as I am with a Brakel.  a Brakel seemingly had the unique ability to take heady theological reflection and not just make it pastoral, but even emotion-stirring.  Coming from the rich Dutch Reformed tradition, his biblical theological reflections are keen, but he never just settles for keenness.  His goal seems to be experiential – a rich, Reformed, experiential Christianity.  That’s what I pray to have.”

“Having spent countless hours poring over a Brakel, I feel in some sense that I have studied under him.  However, what a joy it would have been to be an eyewitness to the effect his theological insights had on his heart and the hearts of those to whom he was called to minister.”

What a great answer!  The entire interview with Carter is in the December 2011 issue of TableTalk.  And if you’ve read this blog before, you know Andrew and I also appreciate a Brakel quite a bit.  He’s on our “recommended reading” list.

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