Some excellent resources for studying the Three Forms of Unity

I stumbled upon this copy of the Three Forms of Unity published just this year by the Reformed Church in the U.S. (RCUS).  Not only is the translation very fine, it contains two really excellent resources as appendices; First, a summary of the Belgic Confession, breaking each article down into a series of theses accompanied by relevant scripture texts proving that thesis; Second, a summary of the Canons of Dort, describing the contents of each article and rejection in a single sentence so that one can get a nice birds-eye view of the entire document.  While the price of the printed copy is hard to beat, you can also download a .pdf of the booklet for free here.

The second resource I stumbled upon was an eReference Library published also by the RCUS containing some excellent confessional resources in .pdf form, several of which are nearly impossible to find in print.  For $49.00 (+ 10% shipping), you can get some 27 books, including:

Zacharias Ursinus, Commentary on the Heidelberg Catechism (1616, 1852)

Otto Thelemann, Aid to the Heidelberg Catechism (1896)

George W. Bethune, Expository Lectures on the Heidelberg Catechism (1864, 1866)

Henry Beets, The Belgic Confession Explained (1929)

Peter Y. De Jong, The Church’s Witness to the World: The Belgic Confession (1960)

Thomas Scott, The Synod of Dort and Its Articles (1818, 1841)

I’m strongly considering spending the money simply for the volumes by Bethune, De Jong and Beets!  The others are just icing on the cake!

I’m a little confused about how the ordering process works (see the note at the top of this page), but this looks like a dynamite set of resources!


3 thoughts on “Some excellent resources for studying the Three Forms of Unity”

  1. Thank you for the plug, Andrew. The Three Forms publications is available on at a VERY reasonable price. As for the electronic resources, we are currently working on a more efficient was to do the ordering. But you can send the check with your order to Elder Dave McPherson, whose address is listed on
    Also notice that on we have just published the Study Helps on the Heidelberg Catechism by Rev. Norm Jones, which is an excellent resource for those who may be unfamiliar with the Catechism.
    We appreciate the feedback, and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
    Rev. Sam Powell
    Chairman, Publications and Promotions committee, Reformed Church in the United States


    1. Thanks for the comment! I was really impressed with the Amazon price. Hopefully marketing it there will generate some good distribution. The outlines of the BCF and COD are really outstanding contributions – I think that’s a really unique feature that commends this edition to people! The study helps looked really fine too. I appreciated the work-book style format.

      Thanks too for the info on ordering. I’ll just need to break down and write out the check!!!

      Keep up the great work over in the Pubs committee – I’m grateful that you guys have made some really fine resources available to a wide audience!


  2. Just a follow up for the readers …

    I went ahead and ordered the 3FU book which came today. It’s really a good looking little book. Definitely a fine resource … worth having people purchase for use in churches and classes.


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