Athanasius Book Giveaway Winner

Image 1 Congrats to Kyle O, the winner of this Athanasius book written by S. Carr and published by RHB.  Kyle, if you’re reading, check your email.  By the way, if our other readers are interested, Kyle wrote that his favorite book that had to do with church history was R. Bainton’s work on Luther.  Thanks to everyone else who emailed about this contest.  Other favorite church history type books included Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, one by M. Haykin, and Through the Gates of Splendor (among others).

Again, thanks to the publisher (RHB) and author (S. Carr) for making this giveaway possible.

the Reformed Reader (staff – Shane and Andrew)

3 thoughts on “Athanasius Book Giveaway Winner”

  1. Thank y’all so very much! My most recent blog post encourages people to check out your website, and very soon I am going to post a review of Bainton’s Here I Stand. Also, after i finish reading the St. Athanasius biography I will post a review of it! Take care, and have a wonderful week!


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