Book Giveaway: “Athanasius” by Simonetta Carr

Image 1 Thanks to the publishers (RHB) and author (Simonetta Carr), we’re pleased to announce a book giveaway: Athanasius, the latest book in the RHB series “Christian Biographies for Young Readers.”  As we’ve mentioned here before, Andrew and I are not overly creative when it comes to things like this, so here’s the deal: the tenth person to email us (reformedreader @ gmail . com) with a brief description of their favorite book that has to do with church history will get a free copy of Athanasius.

For example, if you loved Bainton’s work on Luther, or Hatch’s book on American Christianity, send us an email and tell us why you liked it.

Fire those emails over!

shane lems

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