A Vision for Mission

A vision for mission I’m grateful to EP Books for sending me a review copy of A Vision for Mission by Daniel Grimwade, Daniel Webber, and Jonathan Bayes.  It is essentially an introduction to Christian missions.  The authors begin and end with what the Bible says about missions: the Triune God is a missionary God and the church is called to be a missionary church.  I appreciate how this book sticks to the point of missions – how God saves sinners, how the church is to “go therefore” and made disciples of people from all nations by calling them to repentance and faith.  Here are a few of my favorite quotes.

“The church needs to recapture a biblical view of her role in the world.  Her primary task is the proclamation of the gospel.  This is what she should be known for at home and overseas.  In a materialistic age she must be constantly proclaiming… ‘For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?  Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?’ (Matthew 16:26).”

“Incredibly, God has chosen to use us as agents in this great [missionary] enterprise, but it is still his work and he must dictate its principles, priorities, and practices.”

“The normal way God brings people to faith in Christ is through hearing the good news of the gospel from someone who is already a believer.”

“We must not have double standards – preaching and teaching certain truths as important to us, but then supporting works and ministries which neglect or deny those truths in other places.”

“Many Muslim converts will risk their lives to follow Christ.  Will we risk ours to win them?”

“The work of mission should be church-based and church-focused at both ends.  A church should do the sending of missionaries and a planted church should be the result.”

Since the book is just 75 pages, it would be a good one for a high school group or church group to go through as an introductory text on missions.  I may use it with the elders and deacons at the church I serve.  It could also be on the “church planting book” list.  Whether you use it for personal study or in a group setting, I highly recommend A Vision for Mission if you’re looking for a clear, biblical, and easy-to-read book on Christian missions.

Note: A Vision for Mission was published by www.evangelicaltimes.org and www.emf-welwyn.org.

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  1. Wow, you’re reading a little book from folks I have actually met in my little corner of Yorkshire. Glad you like it.


    1. Thanks for the note, Dave. Small world I suppose! Next time you see them, tell them to keep up the good work over there.


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