Altogether Blameworthy

 Here’s a great paragraph from Luther’s treatise called On Christian Liberty

“…The moment you begin to have faith you learn that all things in you are altogether blameworthy, sinful, and damnable, as the Apostle says in Romans 3, ‘Since all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,’ and ‘None is righteous, no not one; …all have turned aside, together they have gone wrong.’   When you have learned this you will know that you need Christ, who suffered and rose again for you so that, if you believe in him, you may through this faith become a new man in so far as your sins are forgiven and you are justified by the  merits of another, of Christ alone.”

Martin Luther, On Christian Liberty.

shane lems

2 thoughts on “Altogether Blameworthy”

  1. You are a new man not only in having your sins forgiven, but also in being a temple of the Holy Spirit, and desiring to be obedient to God. Right?


  2. Sure, John, that’s right….in the above quote, Luther wasn’t giving an exhaustive definition of regeneration, faith, conversion, and sanctification. He was just summarizing.



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