Planting Churches: What Kind?

 In light of many church planting books I’ve read, studied, and blogged, I want to recommend Michael Horton’s new one, The Gospel Commission.  In my reading, studies, and discussions I’ve noticed that many church plant books, movements, and networks are lacking in the area of ecclesiology.  (Use our search feature on the left to find and read other church plant book reviews we’ve done on this blog.)  I recommend Horton’s book for church planters and missionaries who want a solid, biblical, Reformation discussion of the Great Commission and the local church.  This book by Horton will fill in the blanks, so to speak, of many church planting books that lack a solid doctrine of the church.  We certainly don’t want churches being planted by Christians who only have a vague idea of what the Bible teaches about the Christian church!  Horton’s book is a great help in this area. 

Here’s one section I appreciated – which can be applied to church plants.

“We do not need more political, moral, and cultural crusades. Instead, what we need are ‘salty’ Christians whose robust faith and discipleship shape the way they think, live, and exercise their gifts, training, and wisdom in their callings. We do not need more churches called to active duty in the culture wars. What we need are more churches that are resalinization instead of desalinization plants, churches that are dedicated to making disciples who are not only forgiven and renewed in Christ but also well taught and actually active in the world – in their families, neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, and volunteer organizations, loving their neighbors through their vocational excellence as well as through their witness to Christ.”

Of course not only church planters and missionaries will benefit from this book.  I recommend it to all Christians who want a solid discussion of what the Great Commission has to do with the church and individual Christians.  It’s not a book for new Christians because it is written at a more intermediate level, yet any mature Christian who enjoys reading will certainly be challenged and motivated by The Gospel Commission

(The above quote was taken from page 242.) 

shane lems