Lazy Christian Minds?

 Here’s a helpful section from Mike Horton’s Gospel Commission

“Lazy minds breed lazy hearts and hands.  The greatest threat to Christianity is never vigorous intellectual criticism but a creeping senility that transforms truths into feelings, public claims into private experiences, and facts into mere values.  Christianity is either true or false, but it is not irrational.  If its claims are not objectively true, then they are not subjectively useful.  If our only reason for believing that Jesus is alive is that ‘he lives within my heart,’ then, as Paul said, ‘our preaching is in vain and your faith is in vain….’ (1 Cor. 15.14-15, 17, 19).”

“Faith is not an arbitrary decision but a gracious gift of God that comes through hearing and understanding Christ’s person and work.  It’s certainly true that faith is trust in a person, but we cannot trust a person without knowing who he is and what he has done that is worthy of our confidence.  Faith is more than knowing and assenting to facts, but it is not less.  Even repentance means ‘change of mind.’  Before we can bear the fruit of repentance in godly living, our minds have to be changed.  We must recover our distinctively biblical commitment to rigorous, inquisitive, and persuasive thinking before there can be a genuine renewal of Christian conviction, faith, repentance, and discipleship.  It is time once again to love God with our minds.  It is surely not enough to know the truth, but it is the unavoidable place to start.”

Michael Horton, The Gospel Commission (Grand Rapids: Baker, 2011), 113.

shane lems