Christian Milk, Christian Cows

Go to fullsize imageIf you want a sharp and penetrating criticism of the Christian subculture (aka Christian bubble), you’ll want to check out Fearless Faith by John Fischer.  Here’s a section of it where Fischer quotes someone who used to work for a major Christian record label in Nashville.

“I can tell you exactly when I knew I had to leave Christian music.  I was in a marketing meeting studying the so-called WWJD phenomenon that had moved large quantities of T-shirts, bracelets, and hats through Christian bookstores nationwide.  Our general manager pointed out that this thing was a ‘multimillion dollar catchphrase.’  He wanted to jump on it and come up with the next Christian phrase that would replace it and then market the heck out of it.  I knew right then and there that I could no longer have anything to do with an enterprise that made money off of marketing Jesus to Christians.”

“Don’t get me wrong; these are nice people.  Like me, they had all gotten into this business for the right reasons.  We wanted to help sincere Christian artists get their message out.  But it’s a gradual, slippery slope.  One little compromise on top of another, and suddenly you’re planning how to make lots of money off of Jesus.  I take the worship of Christ seriously, and I no longer felt right about being part of a subculture that would sell John 3:16 to Christians for $15.95.  It would have been hypocritical for me to stay in this industry once I realized this.”

“Most of what we ended up creating didn’t have artistic integrity.  In the ’70s it was all grassroots ministry, but by the 80’s, big business took over and we started marketing to a subculture.  Everything became inbred, self-contained.  Christian milk from a Christian cow.  By creating a subculture we watered down the message.”

“…The church used to be the source of the world’s greatest art, but now it has turned its back on that.  Now the Christian subculture is where you go to find some of the worst art.  Every time we make a movie it’s about the end times.  And then we market it to ourselves.  We already know what’s going to happen.”

This quote is found on pages 66-67 of Fearless Faith.

shane lems

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  1. How sad for Christianity as a whole, and how sad that the world see’s no difference between our actions and motivations as contrasted and compared to their system. By the way . . . Andrew I responded to your comment via your gmail account.

    In Christ,


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