Stetzer and Bird on Church Planting

Product Details This is a good book  for church planters to read: Ed Stetzer and Warren Bird’s Viral Churches.  Though I don’t agree with everything they write, this book did get me thinking in quite a few helpful directions.  Here are some of my favorite quotes.

“We think everyone ought to care about church planting and we’re a little surprised when they don’t.  The church is called the Bride of Christ (among other great names), and who wouldn’t want the bride to flourish?  However, too many Christians love Jesus but not his church and its mission.  We’re naive enough to believe that you can’t love Jesus and neglect his wife.”

“There is nothing inherently wrong with children’s choirs, Saturday men’s breakfasts, or student lock-ins….  These ministries may be effective but they are often inwardly focused; they are more about keeping churched people comfortable than about reaching out.  Our point is that typical church programming often steals energy and time from the original mission focus of the church, which is to see lives changed through the Gospel.  New churches typically have fewer programs and therefore less to distract them from the main thing.  They remain solidly tied to the mission.”

“A church multiplication movement is more than a revival of morality.”

“[Churches]…need to consider church planting as one of their ministry’s core values.  Church planting cannot be an afterthought, someone else’s ministry, or a department.  Churches [must] live, eat, and breathe it.”

shane lems

sunnyside wa