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The Christian Faith: A Systematic Theology for Pilgrims on the Way Great stuff here by Michael Horton in The Christian Faith: A Systematic Theology for Pilgrims on the Way.

“…It is the goal of good theology to humble us before the triune God of majesty and grace.  …The older theologians of the Reformation and Post-Reformation eras were so convinced that their interpretations fell far short of the majesty of God that they called their summaries and systems ‘our humble theology’ and ‘a theology for pilgrims on the way” (p. 13).

“The Apostle’s and Nicene creeds are not just a list of key doctrines; they are a confession in the form of a story, our shared testimony to the most significant facts of reality” (p. 14).

“To believe in the triune God of Scripture who speaks and acts in history requires an act of apostacy from the assumed creed of our age” (p. 15).

“This story that runs from Genesis to Revelation, centering on Christ, not only richly informs our mind; it captivates the heart and the imagination, animating and motivating our action in the world” (p. 19).

 Can’t wait to get into the rest of this! 

shane lems

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    1. John – Thanks for the note. I’m really appreciating how Horton deals with pantheism (and all similar positions – such as Eastern religions) as well as deism (and all similar positions – such as enlightenment rationalism) and then lays down the biblical, covenantal position. The first 80 pages or so are amazing in these areas. I’ll be watching your blog (hoping you interact with this ST!).


    1. Canada? Where’s that? Mail goes there?

      Just kidding brother…I’m sure you’ll love it. In the future when we post on this ST, please offer your comments!



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