Fighting Sin(ful Habits)

 Tim Chester’s You Can Change is a great help for the Christian battling sin and sinful habits.  For me, it was sort of like all of my favorite biblical counseling books in one.  It is theologically sound, biblical, and very practical for the daily struggle we call sanctification.  To be honest, as I think about it again, I really can’t recommend this book enough.  I was encouraged by the grace-centered approach to this subject; no doubt I’ll utilize this book for future sermons and pastoral counseling situations.  Here’s a glimpse:

“We don’t change so we can prove ourselves to God.  We’re accepted by God so we can change.  God gives us a new identity, and this new identity is the motive and basis for our change.”

“We become Christians by faith in Jesus, we stay Christians by faith in Jesus, and we grow as Christians by faith in Jesus.”

“God promises to meet our true needs, but we can’t expect him to satisfy our selfish desires.  God isn’t a divine waiter, ready to serve us whatever we want.  God isn’t the key to good life (however I choose to define it).  He defines the good life.  He is the good life.  God must be desired for his own sake, not as the purveyor of worldly success.”

“We need to be violent with sin. … We must always be on a war footing.”

In a word, You Can Change is a great resource to help train the Christian in his/her fight against sin.  Put this on your list for 2011! 

shane lems

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