Twitter, Books, and Church Planting

We try not to do many “housekeeping” posts, but the time has come for a brief one.  Here it is.

First, you may have noticed we’re on Twitter – you can follow us by using the link on the left (I think that’s how it works!?).  Andrew’s the go-to guy for that if you have questions.

Second, many of our old links to the Westminster Seminary California bookstore are no longer valid since they updated their website.  The same goes for our links to another one of our favorite bookstores, Reformation Heritage Books.  All we can say is, “Sorry!”  We don’t have time/energy to go back and change them all.  Speaking of books, here is the disclaimer for those books we receive for reviewing purposes.

Third, and finally, if you’re interested in a church planting conference from a confessional Reformed/Presbyterian perspective, you’re invited to a conference hosted by some ministers/elders in the URCNA in Denver, CO, on March 28-30.  Info is HERE.  Let Shane know if you have questions on this – the conference itself is free, but travel/lodging, of course, are not.

Thanks for reading and interacting with our book blog!

The RR management

2 thoughts on “Twitter, Books, and Church Planting”

  1. We at White Horse had the same problem with the WSC Bookstore site. However, the product numbers are the same, so going back and changing the links isn’t that hard, a little time consuming, but a lot easier than it could be.


    1. Thanks Mark. One great thing about having this type of blog is that it isn’t time consuming; we just don’t have the time to change those links. Those links still do go to the WSC website, so at least they’re close…


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