Why Are You So Busy?

More information I’ve blogged on this excellent book before (here), and I keep thinking about it almost every other week: Tim Chester’s The Busy Christian’s Guide to Busyness.  This is one of the best and most relevant books I read in 2010 – and those I passed it along to said the same.  If you are over-booked, over-stressed, over-committed, and if you never actually have time to enjoy some blessings in life such as relationships, friends, hiking, reading, traveling, and things like that, please get this book!  And let me ask you the question: why are you so busy?  Is it from your desire to please people all the time?  Is it from your desire to please yourself?  Is it because you want to keep ‘going’ so you can avoid facing the deep things of life?  Is it because your church is a “busy church” or because your boss expects too much?  Chester deals with all these things (and more) in this book.  Here are a few quotes I like.

“Christians can be the busiest people of all because we want it all.  We have a foot in both camps.  We have better things to do – kingdom things, gospel things.  But we also want the trappings of this world.  We work hard for the treasure of heaven.  But we also work hard for the treasure of earth.  So we’re running around twice as much as pagans.” 

“[In our culture,] time is no longer a gift from God, but a commodity with a price tag.”

“The word of God finds no hearing in our restless world.  In our hurried lives we have no time to reflect, to think, to meditate on God’s word.”

“We are not God.  We shouldn’t over-estimate ourselves – we are not indispensable.  We like to think we can solve every problem, but we cannot.  Even if we have the ability to help, we can’t help everyone.”

“Constant work is the behavior of someone who thinks everything depends on them.  Rest is the behavior of someone who looks to God to provide.”

“Our heavenly Father requires of us no more than we can do in the time he gives.”

I could go on (and I’ll give more quotes some other time I’m sure!).  Based on this book, I’m aso looking forward  to Tim Chester’s You Can Change, which a friend recommended this week.  It’s in the mail.  Stay tuned.

shane lems