The Devil’s Christmas Fist

Though I don’t get too “into” the holidays, I never tire of hearing about the Incarnation.  Here’s a great piece by Luther showing the beauty of the truth that God became man.

“When we were still under the papacy, they used to tell this story.  Once upon a time the devil attended Mass in a church where it was customary in either the Lord’s Prayer or in the Creed to sing et homo factus est (God’s Son has become a human being).  While they were singing this, the people just remained standing and did not kneel down.  The devil was so incensed, that he slammed his fist into one man’s mouth, saying, ‘You boorish bum, aren’t you ashamed to just stand there like a post and refuse to kneel for joy?  If God had become OUR brother, as he did become YOUR brother, our joy would be so great that we wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves.'”

“That story may be pure fiction, but if so, then it was invented by someone who was very intelligent and who correctly understood the great honor which was bestowed on us, when God’s Son became a human being….”

The quote is from  a sermon by Luther on Christmas day, 1534.  By the way, if you like Luther quotes, you’ll want to check out Tabletalk and I highly recommend his very readable 7-volume sermon set.

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