Towards Spiritual Maturity (William Still)

Towards Spiritual Maturity William Still was an excellent Scottish preacher who died in 1997.  I only recently ran across this man’s work, so I can’t yet comment more than to say I enjoyed his book, Towards Spiritual Maturity (Ross-Shire: Christian Focus, 2010).  This book is brief, clear, to the point, and very affordable.  Here’s one of my favorite quotes from it.

….It is not wrong to regard the death of Christ as the supreme example of sacrificial love; but his death is more than that.  Failure to see this accounts for the spiritual listlessness of many who hold a mere exemplary view as the whole truth.  For the death of Christ is no mere display of love in action.  It is the putting away of the sins which set up a barrier to the very possibility of love between God and man.  It is not only an exhibition, but a removal.  Indeed it is more a removal than an exhibition, for it is one thing to show sinners what they ought to do, and quite another to do it for them when they are helpless to do anything for themselves.  We need not only pictures, but power, not only diagrams, but dynamics.  This we have in the death of Christ, which is nothing if not an actual, factual, objective putting away of our sins.”

In case you’re interested – and you should be! – Still discusses how Christ on his cross removed sins, overthrew the reign of sin, and defeated Satan.  Then Still explains how to fight evil based on the gospel truth of Christ’s victory.  This book is written at a popular level; I’m guessing a mature high school student would benefit from it.  As I mentioned above, it is inexpensive (under $8 at the WTS bookstore).  Enjoy!

shane lems