The Gospel in the OT

If you’re interested in learning how the gospel is proclaimed in the OT, you need to check out this series: The Gospel According to the Old Testament.  I just saw that WTS books is having a great sale on these books: the set is $71.44 (plus $1 shipping).  Another option: if you get 3 of them, there is a 50% discount.  I think that would mean you get 3 of these books for around $17, which is an outstanding deal.  Here are a few that I highly recommend:


I’ve enjoyed these titles – these would be great for personal study as well as small group study.  The reading level is around senior in high school, give or take.  I’m glad I have these in my library, and I encourage our readers to add these to your own libraries.

shane lems

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    1. Sorry, Brad, haven’t read that one yet! Let me know some day if you get it – I’m sure I’ll check it out in the future.


  1. I actually wanted to read the one by Boda since I appreciate him so much as a Zechariah scholar. David is, of course, a WHOLE different section of the OT, but I figured Boda would be an excellent person to take a run at the materials.


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