Christ’s Precious Blood

Peter calls the redeeming blood of Jesus “precious” (timios; 1 Pet. 1.19).  Thomas Watson discusses that precious blood of Christ of which the communion cup is a sign.   Why is it so precious?  It is precious because…

1) It is a reconciling blood (Col 1.21).  Sin rent us off from God; Christ’s blood cements us to God.

2) It is a quickening blood (John 6.54).  The life of our soul is in the blood of Christ.

3) It is a cleansing blood (Heb 9.14).  As the merit of Christ’s blood pacifies God, so the virtue of it purifies us.  It is a laver to wash in (1 John 1.7).

4) It is a softening blood.  There is nothing so hard but may be softened by this blood.  It will soften a stone.  It turns a flint into a spring…the heart becomes soft and the waters of repentance flow from it.

5) It cools the heart.  The heart naturally is hot, it burns in lust and passion, but Christ’s blood allays this heart and quenches the inflammation of sin.  Christ’s blood cools the heat of sin like water to the fire.

6) It comforts the soul.  Christ’s blood cures the trembling of the heart.  The blood of Christ can make a prison become a palace.

7) It procures heaven (Heb 10.19).  Our sins shut heaven; Christ’s blood is the key which opens the gate of paradise for us.

Watson also says, “Let us prize Christ’s blood in the sacrament.  It is drink indeed (John 6.55).”  These are great things to meditate on while looking forward to Holy Communion.

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