Always Reformed: A Collection of Outstanding Essays

 If you’re looking for a book that broadly summarizes the history, theology, and ecclesiology of Reformed churches, you’ll want to get Always Reformed, a collection of essays dedicated to Dr. Robert Godfrey, pastor and president of Westminster Seminary California.  This book is a handsome hardcover (around 250 pages) that includes contributions by men like Sinclair Ferguson, Richard Muller, Mike Horton, R.C. Sproul, and Cornelis Venema.  The topics include Calvin’s doctrine of the Holy Spirit (Ferguson), a summary of Machen’s ministry (D. G. Hart), an essay on Calvin, Kuyper, and culture by David VanDrunen, a chapter on the Lord’s Supper (Kim Riddlebarger), and a lesson on preaching the doctrine of regeneration (Hywel Jones), among others. 

I’m about half-finished with this book (I’d finish it today but I had better write some sermons!), and so far my favorite chapters were Ferguson’s on Calvin’s teaching of the Holy Spirit and Hywel Jones’ great emphasis on preaching the doctrine of monergistic regeneration.  Venema’s summary of the URCNA was helpful as well.  No doubt I’ll blog more on the other chapters later. 

The book will be most appreciated by Reformed Christians who are relatively well-read in theology and history.  In other words, it is not for high schoolers, but I would assign certain chapters to college age students in a discussion group (for one example).  Also, I’m going to assign chapters in my elders’ training classes.  Obviously, seminary students and pastors should also get this book.  The print is relatively small, but footnotes and chapters of around 15-20 pages make it less daunting.   Always Reformed is a collection of solid theological essays that will no doubt contribute to the profession and piety of Reformed churches.

Much more info about this book (table of contents, a few free chapters, etc) can be found HERE.

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3 thoughts on “Always Reformed: A Collection of Outstanding Essays”

  1. This book is not available yet at Amazon but when I looked for it, I came upon R. Michael Allen’s, Reformed Theology (T&T Clark, 2010) which I thought you might be interested in.

    I don’t see Always Reformed on P&R’s site. Who published it?


  2. Dante: Westminster Seminary California published it. It’ll get out to other stores in time, I’m guessing. For now, you can order it from the Westminster CA bookstore. Click the book pic above and it’ll take you right there.

    That other book you mentioned does look good too. Thanks!



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