Kevin DeYoung on Human Misery

Here’s a great one on Lord’s Day 2 from Kevin DeYoung’s new book on the Heidelberg Catechism:

Many people, well-meaning church leaders included, are eager to boil down Christianity to the great commandments, or the Sermon on the Mount, or the Beatitudes, or Micah 6:8, or some other powerful summary of God’s ethical intentions.  But if all I have are God’s ethical intentions for my life, I’m in a worse fix than simply losing my tail like Eeyore.  My own efforts to be a good person are, in comparison to what God requires of me, positively miserable.  I’ll be damned, discouraged, and dismayed if being a follower of Jesus means nothing more but a new set of things I’m supposed to do for him.  Instead, my following Jesus should be, first of all, a declaration of all that He has done for me.

The Good News We Almost Forgot, pg. 27

We’re wired for law; it’s the gospel that is so foreign for us.  God’s commands and instructions are bad news unless we are first told about the one who has kept God’s commands and heeded God’s instructions perfectly in our place!


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