Edmund Clowney on the Authority of Preaching

A great little blurb by Edmund Clowney in this oft overlooked little book:

As we preach the Word of God we are not clothed in apostolic authority.  We cannot bear their eyewitness to the risen Christ.  But by God’s grace we are numbered among those faithful men into whose hands the apostolic deposit has been placed.  Like Timothy we must guard that good deposit through the Holy Spirit who dwelleth in us (II Tim. 1:14).  We do so when we hold to the outline of sound words which we read in that Book which contains the witness of the apostles and is the Word of God.

Preaching and Biblical Theology, Pg. 61.


2 Replies to “Edmund Clowney on the Authority of Preaching”

  1. This was the first thing I read by Clowney (around 10 years ago). It really helped me approach preaching and hermeneutics from a biblical-theological angle. I think it is Clowney’s best work. Glad you pointed it out; I should read it again.



    1. It’s amazing that this little book gets lost in the cracks … I’m impressed with how well informed he seems to be with Bultmann and other modern theologians. I’m further impressed with how he was able to work in a thorough discussion *of* Bultmann into a confessional Reformed book on preaching!

      Also, I think I ended up buying it because you mentioned it to me back in sem!


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