Preaching: More than Just Biblical/Theological Instruction

Dennis E. Johnson has another great quote, noting that the apostle Paul sees Christian preaching as not simply for instruction in the Christian faith.  While preaching does indeed instruct, this is not its primary purpose:

The purpose of preaching is not only to inform or even to elicit assent to its truths.  Preaching God’s Word produces change in those who hear it, and the change is not merely intellectual or academic.  To be sure, God’s truth in Christ exposes and refutes false ideas about the nature of the divine, the nature of humanity, and the purpose of the universe, for example.  But Paul preaches Christ not merely to produce theologically correct thinkers.  Through preaching Christ Paul seeks to recreate people into the image of God, so they enjoy God’s presence in unashamed purity, serve his will in unreserved love, express God’s justice and mercy in relationships with others.

Him We Proclaim, Pgs. 65-66.