The Happiness of Heaven

Here’s a great little booklet that summarizes the biblical teaching of heaven in a readable and edifying manner: The Happiness of Heaven by Maurice Roberts (Darlington: EP Books, 2009). In just over 100 pages, Roberts discusses the following: belief in heaven/hell, heaven’s creation, heaven and sin/salvation, children and heaven, heaven after death, the glorified body, the ‘place’ of heaven, and the beauty of heaven.  Thankfully, there’s also a handy Scripture reference at the end (which far too many books leave out!).  Here’s a nice excerpt that summarizes the main thrust of the book (from p. 41).

“We are told by many modern scholars that preaching the blood of Christ is old-fashioned and unappealing.  It is the theology of the slaughter-market, they say.  But let us be certain that there is no other way back to heaven for sinful men than the one that God has provided through the death of his Son.”

“Those who do not enter by this door but try to climb up some other way will be regarded as thieves and robbers.  They will find heaven’s door shut to them.  Only those who humbly glory in Christ’s cross will come home to God in heaven and be saved to sin no more.”

This is a perfect little book to give to older Christians who need a brief ‘primer’ on what the Bible says about heaven.  It isn’t too dense and difficult; in some ways it is like a summary of Cornelis Venema’s Promise of the Future (another outstanding resource, by the way!).  As a pastor, I get quite a few questions about heaven from the older saints – this is one book I give out to help answer many of those questions.

Many thanks to the kind folks at EP for this review copy.

shane lems

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