Book Giveaway!

This is a first on the Reformed Reader (and probably the last!): we’re giving a book away.  I ended up with an extra (used) copy of Quentin Schultze’s Habits of the High-Tech Heart (Grand Rapids: Baker, 2002), so I’m going to simply give it away via this blog.

Here’s the deal.  First, if you want to enter this giveaway, we want you to read the book if you win it.  We won’t make you sign a ‘covenant,’ but please actually read it if you get it – and if you blog on it, even better!  We’ll link you if you do a blog post or two on the book.

Second, to find out about the book – and to see if you really want it or not – check out the PDF summary here (and by clicking this WTS blog partners link, you’ll help fund our pastoral library).

Third, no whining.  This is a totally free book with no real strings attached.  It is used, and I’ll send it via media mail in the next week or two when I get time.  If it gets lost or damaged, sorry, but I cannot replace it.

HOW do you enter?  Email us –, and briefly answer this question: Why do you want to read this book?  The 15th person to answer this question by email will get the book.

Again, we probably won’t do this again, so thanks for your patience (and good humor).  If you’re still interested in the book, you can also check out a post I (shane) did on it awhile back.

Email away!

shane (and andrew)

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