Treasures, Gifts, Idols


“How do you feel when you lose a night of sleep or stub your toe or misplace a twenty-dollar bill?  Sleep, feet, and money are all good things, aren’t they?  But when losing or injuring these things makes your world fall apart, more precisely, makes you fall apart, doesn’t that reveal something about what your heart has attached itself to?  A seminary professor of mine had a helpful saying that I’ve never forgotten, ‘You know what your idols are by observing this: when they shake, you shake.'”

“Am I cherishing, trusting in, or fearing the dwindling of my bank account?  Then God loves me enough to send an unexpected bill in the mail perhaps.  Do I trust too much in the complements I receive?  Then God may send me into a ‘dry season’ where the most encouraging thing I hear is ‘have a nice day’ from the girl in the drive-through window.  Paul’s hardships [cf. 2 Cor 1.9] were aimed to arrest his attention and soberly remind him that sleep, food, companionship, or any creature comfort were not enough to carry him through life.  Such gifts become idols when we rely on them to bring us satisfaction.  Paul needed one thing at the center, the same thing we need – Christ alone.”

Quotes taken from page 71-72 of Greg Dutcher’s You Are the Treasure That I Seek.

shane lems

sunnyside wa