Religion As A Cloak For Sin

This sober warning by Thomas Watson should set us on the path of life-long repentance.  It is found in The Beatitudes by Thomas Watson, page 57.

“Those who make religion a cloak for their sin shall have a hotter place in hell.”

shane lems

4 thoughts on “Religion As A Cloak For Sin”

  1. I have no idea what he means by this, but Shane, do you believe what he says here is true?


    1. Bruce:
      By “cloak” Watson means disguise.

      I realize a sharp one-liner like this could be misunderstood, but I was hoping it was clear enough. Sorry if it was unclear!

      And yes, I think it is true that those who dabble around with Christianity for their own personal gain but never commit to Jesus by trusting in him and denying themselves will have harsher judgment than some others. Think of Hebrews 10.29-31, or Matthew 11.20-24 – those are the lines along which Watson makes his comment.

      Hope this helps!


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