Preaching Sola Fide Better

Hywel Jones has two outstanding chapters in Covenant, Justification, and Pastoral Ministry ed. Scott Clark (Phillipsburg: P&R, 2007).  While both are solid, I think his chapter on preaching should be required reading for all preachers who love the doctrines of grace.  Here are a few of my favorite quotes from this chapter called “Preaching Sola Fide Better.”

“The aim of the kind of preaching that we are thinking of is therefore to bring sinners to Christ by faith.  This involves a renunciation of any supposed righteousness in self and a reliance on the righteousness of Christ.  This touches the sinner’s conscience, and so Paul described the ministry that he conducted ‘in the sight of God’ as being addressed to ‘everyone’s conscience’ (2 Cor 4:2), whether to Jew or Gentile.”

“When people know what it is to be a ‘wretched man,’ they will have had enough of themselves and want to hear only of a ‘blessed man’ who kept the law for sinners and yet bore their curse.  They are all to be told that there is nothing left for them to do as a condition of obtaining peace with God and heaven and nothing left for them to fear, though they have sinned (and still will, perish the thought).  Jesus has done it all and borne it all.  Coming to God as they are by way of trusting in Jesus as he is, God will gladly accept them; he will cancel the sentence, imputing Christ’s righteousness to their account in the ledgers of heaven and freely pardoning all their sins against them.”

Preaching sola fide “will seek to abase man and exalt God and to present the Lord Jesus Christ in all his medatorial glory.”

Sola fide is the only answer to Satan when he sows doubt, accuses of guilt, and even generates a sense of condemnation before God.  The message of sola fide is by itself almost a panacea for all spiritual ills.”

Preach it!

shane lems

sunnyside wa