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Next week I’ll be on a short sabbatical, so along with enjoying family time and a hike in the Snoqualmie national forest (fighting the snow?), I’ll be spending time reading Bernard of Clairvaux, Blaise Pascal, Ralph Venning, and Marva Dawn; I’ll probably just do a few blogs on Bernard and Blaise.  For now, I want to point out a some newer books that I’m interested in.  (Sorry for the horrible formatting…I tried to fix it a few times, but finally gave up.)

 This biography of Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxes looks great.

This one on dying well looks solid as well; it’s by Rob Moll.

Based on John Fesko’s other books, this brief commentary on Ecclesiastes looks like a good one to have if you’re studying or preaching through Qoheleth. 


Though it isn’t a new release, I saw that Westminster Seminary California now has Concordia in stock.  This is an essential book if you want to learn what Lutherans confess. 

If you liked “Why Johnny Can’t Preach,” you’ll probably like this one by Gordon that is coming out soon. 


Finally, since I deeply appreciate Don Carson’s work, this new one by him will be on my shelves in the next few months. 

Stay tuned for some Bernard and Pascal!

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4 Replies to “New Books of Note”

  1. I have a copy of Fesko’s Ecclesiaties book. I haven’t read it yet, only skimmed and flipped through it so far. But it follows the same format and layout as his Rule of Love book on the 10 Commandments. He did such a good and succinct job of relating Christ to the Law in that book that there is every reason to believe his Ecclesiasties book will be equally good.

    I also recently purchased Ryken’s commentary on Ecclesiasties in the Preaching The Word Series, edited by R. Kent Hughes. This is a great commentary. I enjoy Ryken’s writing.

    When I preached through the 10 Commandments I used Fesko’s Rule of Love and Ryken’s commentary on Exodus. Add the Heidelberg Q&A’s and you’ve got some great help on the Commandments!

    Perhaps Fesko and Ryken together on Ecclesiates will a great combo again. I’ll let you know… I’m seriously considering preaching through Qoheleth later this year.


  2. The Gordon book looks really interesting … I’ll have to pick that one up. Perhaps I’ll nab Kevin DeYoung on the HC too… that’d be some great summer reading … between taking Modern Hebrew and preaching Zechariah. Good times!


  3. Andrew, the Kevin DeYoung book on the HC is pretty good. My wife and I have been reading through it together and have been quite edified. And it’s quite brief with each Lord’s Day treatment, which will fit well between your Hebrew class and preaching to boot!


    1. Big task, preaching through Qoheleth! I bet it’ll be sort of like wrestling with melancholy – are you up for the battle? When you do read those on Q, let me know.

      Thanks for the notes, guys.


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