Another Great Eisenbrauns Deal – Act Fast!

Today Eisenbrauns has Lowell K. Handy’s dissertation-turned-monograph Among the Host of Heaven: The Syro-Palestinian Pantheon as Bureaucracy for the low price of $7.95 + S&H.

This is a really interesting volume, considering biblical and Ugaritic sources (among others) in noting how levels of the northwest Semitic pantheon can be correlated with class levels of a stratified society.  Thus Handy discusses the differences between authoritative deities, active deities, artisan deities and messenger deities as depicted in the texts and compares them with strata of society.  He describes how various civilizations engaged in the practice of creating gods “in their own image,” so to speak.

I found this volume to be incredibly helpful in a paper I wrote attempting to correlate the international koine style of late bronze imported luxury items with what appears to be a koine religion seen in international correspondence between the “great powers club” of the late bronze age.  This book provided a similar model of imagining religious beliefs in terms of categories that were “understood” by neighboring civilizations who shared similar societal values.

Make sure to nab your copy asap!  This deal likely expires at noon on Saturday, 20 March 2010, unless this is the weekend deal.


5 Replies to “Another Great Eisenbrauns Deal – Act Fast!”

  1. Spring cleaning at Eisenbrauns?

    Thanks for pointing this out…would it be helpful, for example, in studying the 10 plagues or the “gods” in the prophets (or both)? I should read more into it I suppose.



  2. Hmmm… I’d have to think about that. Good question though!

    BTW – I like how you’ve highjacked your wife’s facebook account so that she shares everything we post! Come on, man, time to get your own account!!! [grin]


    1. Ha! I’ll never do the facebook thing. Our church has one, my wife does, but I refuse. I’ll wear it as a badge of pride. Didn’t some prophet once say facebook was a mark of the devil?

      By the way, we don’t have a real cell phone yet either!



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