Great deal – One day only!

Eisenbrauns has Kenton Sparks book, Ancient Texts for the Study of the Hebrew Bible: A Guide to the Background Literature, as their deal of the day for today (March 17, 2010).  $19.98 + S&H will get you this amazing resource (note: this is less than!).

This book is an enormous annotated list of ANE texts that relate to various portions of the OT.  It not only gives a summary of a given text’s relevance to a particular genre of the Bible, but also has a thorough bibliography including secondary literature about the text and information about where to read it (e.g., ANET, COS, etc.).

It looks like it might be out of stock, but go ahead and lock in this price and I’m sure they’ll ship it when it comes in!


4 Replies to “Great deal – One day only!”

  1. Note: it looks like you’ll have to order this before 12:00 noon (March 17 – Midwest timezone) in order to nab the deal! Hurry hurry!!!


  2. After reading Sparks’s dreadful book ‘God’s Word in Human Words’ I don’t have a very high opinion of his abilities as either a philosopher or theologian and as such don’t trust his judgment on other matters as well.


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