The Christian West??

 Here’s D. A. Carson in Christ and Culture Revisited (p. 195):

“From a Christian point of view, it is unhelpful to speak of ‘the Christian West’ or of ‘our Christian nation’ or the like.  In America, this is not only because of the legal force of the First Amendment (however it is interpreted) but also because nowadays the numeric shift in numbers of Christians, from West to East and from North to South, is so dramatic that such expressions sound increasingly parochial and out of date.” 

“Still more important, talk of ‘the Christian West’ actually stifles the advance of the gospel in parts of the world where countervailing religions and ideologies want people to believe in the stereotype of the Christian West so that Christian claims can be dismissed merely as Western.  Above all, Christians who wish to be faithful to the Bible will remind themselves of their heavenly citizenship.  Not to understand this is to identify too closely with the kingdoms and orders of this world, with disastrous results both materially and spiritually.”

In other words, when someone becomes a Christian, it must first, foremost, primarily, and ultimately be a move “heavenward” rather than a move “westward” (Ibid.). 

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