A Golden Slipper Religion

 In the early 20th Century, J. G. Machen interacted with those who said we should not tell people the “negatives” of Christianity (i.e. the cost of following Christ, the struggle with sin, the enemies of the cross, etc) because it could hinder them from coming to Jesus.  Here’s Machen’s response.

“…Our Lord…never used this method of raising false hopes in those whom he called to be his disciples.  He told those who would follow him to count the cost before they took that step, not to be like a man who starts to build a tower before he has funds to complete it or like a man who puts his hand to the plow and then draws back.  He never made it easy, in that sense, to be a disciple of him…and any faith in the Lord Jesus Christ which is based upon the vain hope that a man can be a disciple of Christ and still have the favor of the world is a faith that is based on shifting sand.  No, it is a poor religion which makes a man willing only to walk in golden slippers in the sunshine; and such a religion is bound to fail in the time of need.”

[Taken from page 198 of Machen’s Shorter Writings.]

shane lems

sunnyside, wa