Praying With Cyprian (As It Were)

In Treatise IV (written in 252 AD) from volume 5 of the Ante-Nicene Fathers, Cyprian comments on prayer in general and the Lord’s Prayer specifically.  It is an awesome treatise, well worth the read (as I noted a few days ago).   Here are a few great quotes from this treatise.

“It is a loving and friendly prayer to beseech God with his own word, to come up to his ears [with] the prayer of Christ.  Let the Father acknowledge the words of his Son when we make our prayer, and let him also who dwells within our breast himself dwell in our voice.”

“Let our speech and petition when we pray be under discipline, observing quietness and modesty.  Let us consider that we are standing in God’s sight.”

“When we stand praying, beloved brethren, we ought to be watchful and earnest with our whole heart, intent on our prayers.  Let all carnal and worldly thoughts be put away, nor let the soul at that time think on anything but the object only of its prayer.  For this reason also the priest, by way of preface before his prayer, prepares the minds of the brethren by saying, ‘Lift up your hearts,’ that so upon the people’s response ‘We lift them up unto the Lord,’ he may be reminded that he himself ought to think of nothing but the Lord.”

“For we must pray in the morning, that the Lord’s resurrection may be celebrated by morning prayer.”

“Since we are to pray and give thanks to God forever, let us not cease in this life also to pray and give thanks.”


shane lems

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