Judges: Commentary by Trent Butler

This post is more of a question than a post: has anyone out there read Trent Butler’s Judges commentary in the Word Biblical Commentary series (published 2006)?  I can’t find any reviews out there and I’m really curious about the strengths and weaknesses of this fairly recent volume.

My main question is whether anyone knows Butler’s approach to the composition and editing of the Deuteronomistic History (i.e., is he a Nothian, does he hold to a Double-Redaction, etc.) and how much time he spends in the commentary section on some of these diachronic questions.

I’m also interested to hear what anyone out there thinks of his translation and philological notes.

Please leave any comments below.  I’d appreciate it very much!


2 thoughts on “Judges: Commentary by Trent Butler”

  1. No reviews available that I have seen. Is noted in most recent Old Testament Abstracts.
    Does not see Judges as Deuteronomic; see Denver Theological Seminary Journal commentary ratings–Denver Seminary-Articles-Old Testament bibliography


    1. Wow – thanks for stopping by!

      I really appreciate the quick note. I’ll look forward to picking up the volume now and seeing how you treat Judges and its (non)relation to Deuteronomic theology, especially over and against other models!

      Thanks again!


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