Now In: Horton’s Gospel-Driven Life

You may know it already, but Horton’s sequel to Christless Christianity, namely, The Gospel Driven Life: Being Good News People in a Bad News World is available for purchase.  My copy just came in yesterday.  After I finish Boenhoffer’s Cost of Discipleship and Boice’s What Ever Happened to the Gospel of Grace, I’m looking forward to reading Horton’s follow up to the excellent Christless Christianity

His two main parts of the book are 1) Looking Up, Looking Out: Breaking News, and 2) Looking Around, Looking Ahead: A Cross-Cultural Community.   Of course, these answer his more critical first book: that was destructive, this is constructive, you could say.  Speaking of both, maybe someday Baker will put them (Christless Christianity and The Gospel Driven Life) into one single volume.

For now, enjoy the sequel!

shane lems

sunnyside wa

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