Berkhof for $9.99!!! tends to do this every now and again  – sell some really great books for next-to-nothing!

If you still don’t own Berkhof, or at least need a couple extra copies (one for the garage, one for the glove-box, one for the kitchen, etc.), quick grab a uber-cheap copy here before it’s too late!


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    1. OK, cuz. Horton is great, but for the foreseeable future, when people hear “Systematic Theology”, they’ll think Berkhof!

      By the way, Shane, if you can fit this 900 page behemoth in your little rice rocket’s glove box, I’ll buy you an extra copy!


    2. Berkhof won’t go away that easy. We’ll see how well Mr. Horton can live up to everybody’s prediction that he will replace Berkhof. Berkhof replaceable? Not hardly.


    3. Wonder if people said the same thing when C. Hodge’s 3 vols. replaced F. Turretin at Princeton?


  1. Glad to have caught the notice – thanks for posting that – required reading for class my first semester at WSCAL


  2. Hahaha! I’m pretty sure the good folks over at don’t have that on their radar, Mark! [grin!!!]

    But seriously – I’m sure they’ll all serve different purposes. Horton is likely going to bring a great deal of theological innovation to his system, based on how widely read and well versed he has become in contemporary philosophical and theological approaches (while still being firmly rooted in the protestant scholastics).

    Berkhof, while not the exegete that Murray was, still is a great place for a Bavinck-esque approach with a bit more appreciation for the scholastics. He’s got some great historical-theological material, good theological formulation, and wrote at a time before many “Reformed” theologians felt a need to jettison things like the covenant of works!

    Short story long, I’m sure there is going to be a place for Berkhof for decades to come. Just as Hodge is still is use, Lord willing – so too will Berkhof! The beautiful thing is that Horton has been able to move on into new and uncharted waters, not leaving Berkhof in the dust, but taking him along for the ride.

    Berkhof is like the wise old sailer, sitting next to Horton at the helm, saying things like: “Hmmmm, I guess I didn’t see that one coming but this is sure a lot like that time back in ‘ot-9 when I rounded cape-horn . . . here’s what we did . . .” Horton will say: “Ahhh, good call . . . although the equipment we use these days allows us to do these other things as well.”

    And so forth . . .

    Hmmm . . . this comment thread gave me an idea for a post. We’ll have to see where this goes!


  3. Good story…er…analogy. BTW–the more I read Muller the more I see his use of and respect for Berkhof. That old sailor sat next to his helm, except Muller’s ship was the starship Enterprise! Boldly going where no man had gone before!


  4. Berkhof should only be purchased in a binding suiting its purpose as a life-long companion–sewn hardcover. Unfortunately this is NOT the edition you want. Look for the Banner of Truth edition which is sewn and will last a lifetime. BTW I have both and the Eerdmans schlock 1. will not lay flat and 2. Glued binding (Aarrrrg!) will break leaving you frustrated, looking for a bindery who quote you $90.00 to sew/rebind and it still won’t lay flat. Better to just buy the BANNER OF TRUTH EDITION in the first place. Did I mention that Banner of Truth actually knows how to bind books and still cares about publishing quality books for Christians. BTW, I do not work for Banner (wish I did), nor have any financial stake. Just very pleased with every Banner book I’ve ever bought (100’s).


    1. Agreed, David. My Eerdmans Berkhof volume acts like it was stitched together by a 6 year old. I don’t have high hopes for the binding of my Bavinck Baker volumes either, on that same note.



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