Pointed Qumran Scrolls

Die Texte Aus

I just picked up a great little volume yesterday from the Archives bookshop in Pasadena, CA.  As anyone who has done any reading of the dead sea scrolls knows, reading unpointed texts is a tricky task.  The book, Die Texte aus Qumran: Hebraisch und Deutsch Mit Masoretischer Punktation,  is a nice tool for use in reading some of the scrolls.  As the title explains, the texts have been given masoretic pointing making it easier to work through texts for any who are still working to be proficient at reading unpointed manuscripts.

There is a second volume as well, but this first volume has some of the major texts: the Damascus document, the Community Rule, the Pesher to Habakkuk, etc.  Granted the adding of vowels means that some interpretive decisions must be made (i.e., whether to point a particular verb in the G or the D stem), but by and large I look forward to using this tool!

Below is a sample page of the first two columns of Pesher Habakkuk.

Pesher Hab


2 thoughts on “Pointed Qumran Scrolls”

  1. Andrew,

    Don’t forget to get to purchase a copy of Qimron’s grammar, once again in print. True, then you will be thoroughly dissatisfied with the vocalization offered in the volumes you mention, but them’s the breaks.


  2. Thanks for the note, John. I ordered Qimron a while back from Eisenbrauns, but when it took too long to arrive, I found I needed to put the money towards something different. I do need to pick that volume up though. It was really helpful when I was working through Serek Yachad last fall for a class!


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