“Using” the Reformed Reader

We’ve had a few email questions about using this site as a resource to find books for further study, a way to find an old post of ours, or to see if we touched on a topic/author of your interest last year or beyond.  Neither of us are computer geeks (book geeks, perhaps, but not really computer ones!), so we don’t have all the bells and whistles that many sites have.  We did add a little tab above to explain how to use this site; I’ll give the same info here briefly.

Notice the little “search” widget at the upper right column.  In it, you can type the word or idea  you want to find posts on.  For example, if you type in “preaching,” all posts with “preaching” in the title/body will come up.  Same for Exodus, Bavinck, Homiletics, law/gospel, ANE, covenants, and so on.  I’m sure there are more features to WordPress’ search bar, but you’ll have to dig into that on your own or wait until we do (or comment if you wish to help!).

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The Management (Andrew and Shane)

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